A few of our partner organizations:

Note that most of our grassroots partners in Haiti do not have websites, but you can contact us by phone or email if you'd like more information about a specific project or group: or 510-595-4650

Haiti Action Committee:
The official website of the Haiti Action Committee, with background information and political analysis.

The Aristide Foundation for Democracy
The Aristide Foundation for Democracy, based in Port-au-Prince, with whom we partner on numerous projects.

SOSUDEP school, one of the education projects we support.

Articles and Interviews

11/13/10 Interview with President Jean-Bertrand Aristede with Nicolas Rossier 

3/13/10 - Disaster Capitalism on Steroids - Interview with Robert Roth

3/11/10 Haiti Needs Solidarity, Not Charity - Interview with Marilyn Langlois

1/19/10 Politics of the Earthquake: Respect the People of Haiti, by Robert Roth